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With almost 40 years’ experience in the Storage Market, BSC has experienced each industry technology development (and hype). Starting with the IBM mainframe and continuing through today with current hyper converged infrastructures; from the legacy Datacenter to the Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud; from server virtualization to storage virtualization, along with transitions from out-sourcing back to in-sourcing.

Independent Advisory & Consulting (click)

From the advisory consulting perspective, BSC goes far beyond just data storage; BSC draws on experience in the associated IT fields of development, support, management, and sales. Thus, BSC can address all facets of the IT infrastructure, based on our expertise. BSC combines unique expertise and real-world experience in healthcare, government, utilities and education sector along with expertise in the field of IT infrastructures technologies, techniques, tools, and trends. Also, BSC has extensive procurement (IT tendering) expe-rience (including purchasing and legal).

Vendor independence (click)

Vendor independence is very important to us. Therefore, BSC does not sell products. BSC also doesn´t believe in the myth that vendor independence is safeguarded by pursuing multiple vendor brands. For the same reason, BSC has no Employees who perform implementations of a particular vendor brand, product or technology. When needed, BSC enlists partner expertise for projects requiring hands-on implementation.

Specializations (click)

* Storage, Servers, storage networking, virtualization, cloud
* Backup and restore, disaster recovery, Storage Management
* Writing (Storage) Strategy, Vision documents
* Public, Non- Public, Private (EU) procurement
* Training for (Storage) architects, Pre- /Post-Sales, buyers, IT management
* Project management and market consultation
* Baseline metrics and storage benchmarking
* TCO calculations and, drafting forecasts for cost developments
* Price negotiations, tendering and procurement management
* Quick scan infrastructure assessment
* Second opinions ( " Help I have four offers and would decide yesterday")


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