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Brouwer Storage Consultancy is based on more than 30 years of experience in the Storage market. Our expertise starts with the IBM-Mainframe market and includes the AS/400, UNIX and NT-market.

Our focus is Storage and related issues such as Storage Networking and Back-up.

We are specialised in RFI, RFP and back-up issues and we are proud that among our clients are large banks, financial institutions and large industrial organisations.

We distinguish ourselves from other organisations in ten areas:

  1. 1. Vendor Independent..

    2. We give financial and technical advice or a combination of both: Cost reductions are key in the current IT-market.

    3. Broad orientation: we work closely with the best analyst organisation in the Storage market, the Evaluator Group from Colorado. They are THE Storage analysts of the North American continent.

    4. Large degree of expertise, continuously updated.

    5. We guarantee fast results. This is the result of our specialisation. We already have the knowledge and don't need to borrow it from other sources.

    6. Flexibility, we don't have a nine to five mentality.

    7. Competitive rates. Byensuring that our knowledge is constantly up to date and operating on an efficient and low overhead basis we can reduce the number of billable hours.

    8. We maintain good relationships with the key players in the Storage market such as vendors, distributors and integrators. Because of this we can also help you with your implementation...

    9. Our large network of relationships can help prevent you from reinventing the wheel. We can arrange contacts with companies that have already invented it.

    10. Which other organisation in the IT-market can lean on 25 years of Storage Experience?

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