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Due to NDA, we can’t specify the type of work we do or did for each of our customers, however if you want references for a specific type of work we can bring you in contact with one or more of our customers.

Brouwer Storage Consultancy is specialized in vendor independent consultancy for end users in the storage arena and is an official representative of "The Evaluator Group".
Brouwer Storage Consultancy is specialized and has expertise in the following areas:

  • Development of a Storage Strategy
  • Development and writing of a feasibility study
  • Writing of the RFI and RFP and management of the RFI and RFP process including:
    1. selection of the most suitable vendors
    2. active participation in the financial negotiations in the final stages
  • Developing and conducting of a POC
  • Project Management
  • Formulating and writing a second opinion

We do some limited work for Vendors and Integrators under the conditions that it doesn’t affect or influences our vendor independent activities:

  • Writing a whitepaper
  • Writing a marketing advice
  • Executive search for Storage specialists
  • Organizing a technical seminar (as a total package)

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